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Our Team
  • Wang Qun ( Partner lawyer in our Shenzhen Office )

    Education Background: Bachelor of Law gradated from China University of Political Science and Law, Civil and Commercial Economics Law School.

  • Chen Pingfan (Director, Senior Partner, and president of Furong Law Firm)

    Chen Pingfan - Director, Senior Partner, and president of Furong Law Firm Honored as National "Double Thousand Program" Law Specialist

  • Ouyang Li (Partner Attorney In Our Furong Law Firm Changsha headquarter)

    Lawyer Li, female, Master of Laws graduated from the famous law school of Central South University, is currently a partner lawyer of Hunan Furong Law Firm, a distinguished guest lawyer for Public TV channels,

  • Su Xi ( Partner Attorney In Our Shenzhen Office)

    Lawyer Su Xi Shenzhen Office Partner of Furong Law Firm Shenzhen Practice law experience: 2014.06-2016.05 Hunan Tongxiang Law Firm

  • James Ling (Partner lawyer of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Office)

    Graduated from the famous Law School of a Chinese University -Xiangtan Law School *Passed the Chinese Bar Examination for law in 2004.

Address of Furong Law Firm Guangzhou Office: 
3rdth Floor, No. 1262, Zhongshan Road, Tianhe District,Guangzhou,China
020-31601956 (Chinese Language Receptionist Only, English Call Our Hotline)
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