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James Ling with his team provide legal services in the different practice law areas with involving foreign elements throughout south china including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Nanchang,Nanning,Chongqing and further afield of cities and province, from our home base in Changsha, Hunan 


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1.        We focus on offering sound advice and getting the best outcomes with quality guaranteed services for our foreign clients.

2.        Our team of highly qualified lawyers is extensively experienced with a wide range of legal mindset.

3.        Our Bilingual service (English and Chinese) enable us to contact and advice on a vast range of legal services for our international clients.

4.        We provide personal services to make sure the most appropriate team is matched to our clients’ unique legal need.

5.        Our free initial consultation policy applies to all enquiries.


Address of Furong Law Firm Guangzhou Office: 
3rdth Floor, No. 1262, Zhongshan Road, Tianhe District,Guangzhou,China
020-31601956 (Chinese Language Receptionist Only, English Call Our Hotline)
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