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We mainly provide legal services for intellectual property management, copyright, trademark, patent, proprietary technology and trade secret protection, trade name and goodwill, anti-unfair competition, computer software protection, network intellectual property rights, electronic commerce, franchise and so on..


To act as legal adviser on intellectual property and provide advisory services on the acquisition, protection, management and utilization of intellectual property rights;

Drafting, reviewing or modifying intellectual property management systems and intellectual property contracts and issuing legal opinions;

To plan trademark strategy, patent strategy and intellectual property investment scheme for clients, and to formulate, examine or modify various agreements relating to intellectual property rights;

 Handling pre-registration of enterprise name, trademark consultancy for customers, acting for application, review, renewal and objection of trademark registration in mainland China, acting for or invalidation declaration, software copyright registration, intellectual property customs record, etc.


Acting as an agent for Chinese and foreign clients to participate in intellectual property trade negotiations and assist in the transfer and licensing of intellectual property rights;

 Accept client's entrustment to conduct intellectual property infringement investigation and evidence collection, send infringement warning letters, issue lawyer's letters, issue lawyer's statements, issue legal opinions, participate in pre-litigation mediation, etc.

 Accept the entrustment to act as an agent ad litem for intellectual property rights disputes by litigation or arbitration;

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