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  Foreign companies set up offices in mainland China, there are slightly different in the different of cities of China, but the basic procedure is the same, the laws of the state are of the basic procedures requirement. Foreign companies set up offices in China of formalities, is divided into three stages:

The first stage: the examination and approval formalities

The first stage is to handle the formalities for examination and approval. Foreign company appointed trustee who is authorized and approved by authority department of china to provide all kinds of materials, declaration formalities, and the end of this phase is to get issue of approval certificate of foreign enterprise establishing representative offices in china.

The second stage: industrial and commercial registration formalities

After approved by the examination and approval authorities, foreign enterprise office shall be registered with the administrative department for industry and commerce. To engage in business activities without registration, the administrative department for industry and commerce shall have the right to order them to stop business activities, and a fine of more than ten thousand yuan. If that happens, in addition to the economic loss, foreign companies will suffer reputational losses to enter the Chinese market in the future.

According to Chinese laws and regulations, to the administrative department for industry and commerce for registration, it shall submit the following documents:

1, the approval certificate issued by the approval authority;

2, printed and provided by the administration for industry and commerce for filling the representative office registration application form;

3, office workers registration form;

4, the office of foreign enterprises applies for registration of application;

5 having a legitimate business certificate of the applied foreign enterprises;

6, having a credits certificate to the applier;

7, letter of power of appointment to the chief representative;

8, the passport and resume of chief representative,

9, the photocopies of expatriates’ passport and proof of identity;

10, the office lease agreement or another related proof;

11, the photos of the chief representative.

The third stage: the formalities needed after set up the office

The third stage is to foreign companies after the end of industrial and commercial registration formalities; need to go to the bank, customs, taxation, public security bureau and other departments for other registration and formalities.

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