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To providing customers with litigation and non-litigation services in copyright field, the works accessible to professional legal services include: written works; oral works; music, drama, opera art, dance and acrobatics art works; fine arts, architectural works; photography; films and works created in a similar way as film production; engineering design drawings, product design drawings, maps, sketches and other graphic works and model works; computer software; other works regulated by the PRC laws, administrative rules and regulations.


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Copyright: including the licensing contract of copyrights, audiovisuals, performances, art works and other similar adjacent rights, drafting and reviewing of the transfer contract; copyright infringement investigation and rights protection. Computer software copyright registration, and legal strategy and planning to copyright rights protection; network intellectual property infringement investigation and rights protection; domain name dispute investigation and evidence collection and rights protection.

●Disputes on personal authorship rights and property rights;

●Disputes on the right to neighboring copyright laws inChina;

●Computer software copyright ownership disputes, infringement disputes with Chinese counterparts;

●Disputes arising from entrustment and cooperation to Chinese clients.

●Disputes over copyright licensing, transfer and development contracts with Chinese partners;

●Software copyright license use, transfer contract disputes;

●Computer network works copyright disputes.

Technical contracts: including drafting and reviewing technical contracts; conducting legal services such as investigation, evidence collection, and litigation relief for contract breaches.

●Technology commissioned development, cooperative development contract disputes

●Technical import and export contract disputes

●Technical consultation, service, training, intermediary contract disputes;

● Disputes over the transfer of technology secrets and the transfer of scientific and technological achievements.

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