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our team on Patent Law is a team of lawyers and agents with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, including senior investigators who once worked with the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), investigators from Patent Re-examination Board, as well as youthful lawyers and agents with master's degree , many of whom have obtained both lawyer's licenses and Patent Agent Qualification Certificates. Furong Law Firm has patent agency qualification approved by SIPO. It is the regular legal consultant to SIPO, a member of Beijing Intellectual Property Protection Association (BIPPA) and All-China Patent Attorney Association Preparation for patent application, with the leadership of our Beijing headquater, our Changsha office providing specific patent services as bellow:



Patent planning for the acquisition, management and protection of patent rights in accordance with our China IP laws ; drafting patent licensing contracts and patent transfer contracts with your Chinese business partners; conducting legal services such as investigation, evidence collection and litigation relief for patent infringement occurred in China .

●Patent ownership, infringement disputes;

●Patent inventor, designer's right of authorship dispute;

●Disputes over the right to apply for patent and the right to apply for priority.

●Disputes on compulsory licensing fees for patents;

●Disputes over the royalty during the provisional protection period of invention patents;

●Disputes over the transfer of patent application rights, the transfer of patent rights, and the licensing of patent applications.

●Patent application, reply, invalidation, etc.

●Patent application for invention, utility models and exterior design; 

● Acting as attorney for reexamination and nullity of patents ;

●Overall management of patent related matters ;

●Providing service for patent problems arising out of patent transactions

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