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 Negotiating and dealing with Chinese business partner 

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Foreign investors or exporters enter into various business relations with Chinese partners. This Interaction often includes both negotiation on business conditions and a non-business part to strengthen the relationship. However, despite some foreign business people living in china for a long time often still find it difficult to forge long-term relationships necessary for successful business.  Therefore, how to negotiate and deal with Chinese partners is a constant challenge. Beside of Chinese commercial law, as china business lawyers,We provide practical guidelines on how to handle some of the most common business situations between Chinese and foreign parties as tips to emerge culture differences:

• to respect each other, do not negotiate stiffly and coldly , but do not take their complements as positive symbol , even though Chinese count-part thought you are not their proper cooperator, most time they wont directly claim failure result to you on the first negotiation meeting to lose your face (face culture 面子文化).   

• to build and maintain good inter-personal relationships including with local government . For the reason of experienced five thousand feudal cultures, you cannot expect to quickly conclude a deal by one time. You’d better to collect basic information of your opposite prior to negotiating. Although you think it is bureaucracy style, the Chinese wise word_ only spending time to observe and know your enemy then you can conquer and defeat then. (honing knife won’t delay for cutting woods ,knowing you thy knowing myself culture 知彼知己文化)    

 A capable Chinese legal expertise team can help to bridge cultural differences and assiste you to understand the nuances of what is being said by your counterpart. A good team can also develop useful background channels with the other side that can smooth negotiations. By all means, use our guanxi, or the social relationships with the local government, to develop support for your business.

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