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Tips for foreigners buying houses in Chin

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●Export license: Foreigners can only buy houses in china which have been permitted and licensed by local government .Therefore, when selecting a house; you must look at whether the selected real estate developer holds the permitted license to sell foreign clients. Otherwise, in the end you pick one satisfied house by devoting your enthusiasms, when you pay the money, you are acknowledged that you can't buy it, which is a waste of time and a waste of feelings.

The procedures required to buy a house with the Chinese should be the same. Passport, visa and marriage certificates must also be notarized by Chinese consulates abroad. There may be discrepancies of local regulations in each city, and you should still go to local authorities to make sure..

It is impossible to ask local house administration department print the English name on the real estate certificate you bought , so ,there is need to notarize The English name on your passport is the same person as the Chinese name on the Chinese real estate certificate.

●we must consider the issue of appreciation. This is a very important vision, because future events are unpredictable. Even if you plan to settle down here now, you will still face the problem of reselling your house once there is any change in the future. So we must consider the possible appreciation of the house. This can be done from the following aspects.

The first and the foremost is the location. It is necessary to choose those places where the land price is expected to improve. For example, the prospective development zone, the well-recognized area in the urban area or where hospitals and schools are concentrated, but not yet fully developed, the future the value not limited to the old city area and so on.

Next is the housing type. The house should be practical and classic, and it will not be left behind fashion after some years.

There are also including of building architecture designing, advanced supporting facilities and so on. These are necessary conditions for housing appreciation in the future.

●Third, the facilities must be all new. Considering the comfort of life, we should inspect the matching of the house when choosing rooms. For example, double water, floor heating, satellite TV, Internet and so on. Try to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future.

●The fourth is the payment method. When buying a house, be aware of the payment method of the house you purchased. Try to use a payment method with a small down payment and a long loan period. Because this is not only to lower one-time investment, but is to relief the financial pressure in the future.

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