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The connotation of Furong in Chinese

Firstly, "Furong" was the alias of lotus (lotus) at the earliest time. Ancient Poem of “Lisao": "Making roots of lotus for clothes, gathering lotus flower for elegant skirts." Hunan lotus is a special product of Hunan  Province, in which means that Furong Law Firm should carry forward the spirit of the Hunan Army, suffer bitterly, be aggressive and be patient.

Secondly, the metaphor of "Furong" refers to Hunan province, while Furong Law Firm originated from Hunan Province too. The famous revolution history figure - Chairman Mao whose poem "Furong Kingdom is full of glory and sunshine” refers to Hunan. It implies that the Furong Law Firm is full of pride and confidence to carrying forward the unbending spirit of the Chairman Mao whom was walked out of Hunan province to lead Chinese people fight for freedom.

Thirdly, "Furong" refers to fresh and refined from murky . The Chinese Shakespeare Su Shi's poems "a thousand miles of sweeping yellow, only lotus alone emitting special clear aroma", another famous ancient poet  Li Bai praised " lotus out of clear water, natural exquisite to free of engraved decoration," the poser of Zhou Dunyi described "out of smelly mud without besmirched , soaked and immersed in clear water without coquettish ‘’. Since ancient times, scholars have mostly taken Furong as their carnation for integrity of aspirations. Lawyers from Furong shall stick to the legal bottom line of law and defend the dignity of law.

Fourthly, FLO can be easily imagined as FLOWER in English, and be simply remembered and understood as abbreviation of FURONG LAW OFFICE in English to our foreign clients.


     Introduction to the law firm

Furong Law Firm originated from the Changsha Municipal Legal Adviser Office (directly affiliated to the Changsha Municipal Judicial Bureau) in 1956. In 1991, it was named “Changsha First Law Firm”. In 1996, it was renamed the current name “Furong Law Firm”. It is one of the earliest established large-scale partnership law firms in China.

Headquartered in Changsha, Furong Law Firm advocates large-scale, professional, inter-chained and comprehensive services. It has more than 200 lawyers and professional staff in Changsha ,Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Xiangtan, Changde and Yueyang with total business area of about 6,000 square meters.

Furong attorneys whom are entrusted with the loyalty to our clients,  the trustee's interests are placed in the first and foremost,  in the wave of the market economy, stick to the heart, do not forget the mission.

In order to make a livelihood in this professional way - Furong, of which the slogan is, we are pursuing legal work as our lifetime enthusiastic career, with a group of people, to do one thing devotedly!

There is no perfect individual but a perfect team, Furong, insists on putting intelligence integration in the first place, specialization construction in the first place and team cooperation in the first place. The case discussion system on Monday evening enables clients of Furong to enjoy the wisdom of the group, while the list of services allows you to clearly understand to consume!

The pursuit of Furong is to scale, specialize, brand, internationalize and chain up. Furong Law Firm, as a large comprehensive law firm, has exceptional performance in many fields, such as legal business, law firm management and social activities. It has been widely recognized by the industry and society. The law firm has been appraised many times honored as “Excellent Law Firm in Changsha city ", “Excellent law affairs in Hunan province".




The headquarter of Furong Law Firm is located on the 17th floor of C2 Building, Wanda Plaza which is high-grade landmark office building in Changsha where can bird-view the panorama of Changsha city with the beauty of Xiangjiang River. Its business area is 2000 square meters with beautiful office environment, advanced equipment and comprehensive services.

Furong Law Firm has set up affiliated offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Xiangtan, Changde and Yueyang with high standard requirements to its facilities and employers . Furong law firm is full of vigor and vitality, currently, focuses on the region of Hunan and Guangdong province. It will go out of Hunan and Guangdong to respond to the call of the national "one belt and one road" construction to provide clients with more professional, efficient and comprehensive legal services.


The address of Furong Law Firm Heaquarter: 17th Floor, Building C2, Wanda Plaza, Xiangjiang Middle Road, Kaifu District, Changsha City,China

Address of Furong Law Firm Guangzhou Office: 
3rdth Floor, No. 1262, Zhongshan Road, Tianhe District,Guangzhou,China
020-31601956 (Chinese Language Receptionist Only, English Call Our Hotline)
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