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We live in a global community and it’s hard to be in business today without dealing with some Chinese counterparts considering china is the biggest exporting country and the second largest entity. . You may source Chinese products, have contracts with Chinese companies. While the opportunities in the global marketplace are immense, international legal risks do accompany those opportunities. The wise business will proactively manage these risks and resolve disputes quickly and in a manner that is internationally accepted.

Depending on the different culture and legal system, there can be a huge difference between you and your Chinese partners. If you are doing business in china, you need to be aware of the PRC commercial laws even including local governments’ regulations and policy.


We Deal with Business Disputes on an International Level

The most common international business disputes revolve around contracts. If you are facing a dispute with Chinese partners, our international business litigation attorneys can help you.


The best way to prevent an international dispute is to write good contracts to refraining   un-honesty behavior of Chinese partner, preventing business risk in china.   Our chinese business attorneys will draft international contracts that will work in your favor.

International Dispute Resolution and Litigation

 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in china can be a preferable method of settling a dispute; especially you expect continuing business cooperation with your Chinese opposite   .Our attorneys can help you resolve a dispute through ADR in manner that is both favorable and amicable, enforceable.

If the dispute is headed toward litigation, we will exactly analyze the facts of your case by our bilingual lawyers and do everything possible to collect important evidences and documents to forcibly repudiate your Chinese opposite claim. You know, that will depend on the burden of prove to overriding the opposite. Any evidence furnished to our court shall need to be Chinese, and our work language is Chinese in our court. So you can see that engage a English speaking lawyer to change our ideas and litigation strategy is very important to win your case.    

Enforcing judgments

What matters most to you is enforcing a judgment. When your dispute with Chinese opposite has favored to your side in our people’s court or arbitration institution, or enforcing a foreign Judgment here in china that will be presented a whole new set of issues.   When you encounter a non-cooperative party here in china can be tricky very much, even harder than winning case.

Whether its handling the case, or enforcing the outcome, our  commercial litigation lawyers can get the best results possible under the PRC law.

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