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● Legal consultation: labor law of China, labor contract law of China, social insurance law, housing provident fund management measures, etc.

●Arbitration litigation agency: invalidation to labor contract with Chinese employer/ employee, confirmation of labor relationship, double wage difference without written labor contract, overtime wages, paid annual leave pay, maternity leave pay, insufficient pay in time, unilateral termination of labor contract by Chinese employee, unilateral rescission of the labor contract by Chinese employer , economic compensation fund to termination of the labor contract, compensations for illegal termination of the labor contract, compensation for violation of the trade secret agreement, invalidity of the non-competition agreement, and liquidated damages for breach of the non-competition restriction, etc;

● Complaint instruction to foreign employees in China: The employer has not gone through the formalities of social insurance, the employer has not paid the social insurance premium, the employer has not signed the labor contract, and the employer violated the labor contract law and other unlawful action executed by the employer ;

● Legal Adviser: Perennially serve as a special labor legal consultant for enterprises and a legal consultant for human resources;

● Agent: drafting, reviewing, and revision of labor contracts, employee handbooks and other stipulated company rules and regulations;

● Legal training: legal training to human resources management, labor law knowledge training;

●Drafting labor arbitration and litigation documents: arbitration application, complaint, appeal, and defense;

● Delivery of legal opinions and lawyers' letters;

● Designing a labor arbitration lawsuit as complainant or responding as respondent to answer a labor disputes;

●Acting as your china labor attorney to handle other legal matters related to labor law and human resource management.

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