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Newsletter/India's TILA Law Firm Visits Our Furong Law Firm To establish

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On August 19, 2019, Mr. Raj Singh Niranjan, Executive Director of Trans India Law Associates (hereinafter referred to as "TILA"), and Dr. Rajni Patel visited Hunan Furong (Guangzhou) Law Firm. Lawyer Chen Pingfan, chairman of the board of directors, lawyer Wang Changshan, executive director, lawyer Ling Huiming, head of the foreign-related legal service department, and lawyer Li Xinxuan of Civil and Commerce legal service department whom met the distinguished visitors warmly and hospitality .

Director Chen Pingfan explained in detail to TILA visitors the development principles, international layout and vision of Furong Law Firm, and expressed the idea of "sharing legal services globally". Hopefully, through  in-depth exchanges, we can make use of the resources of both sides to achieve complementary advantages. Ling Huiming, the head of our international legal service department, have discussed with two legal experts from Indian about the trans national legal cooperation around the "One Belt and One Road" initiative in the light of the domestic and international situation.

Raj Singh Niranjan highly praised Director Chen Pingfan's international outlook and vision. After introducing the India's legal system in detail, legal system construction and the basic situation of TILA, Raj Singh expressed his willingness to deepen exchanges and cooperation with our firm. He sincerely hoped that they would make use of the advantages of their respective platforms to cooperate with each other and provide international legal services to their clients fromChina.


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