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A letter to our potential clients

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 Commercial international lawyer who request you to be recognized to assist your business development in China

China is a very important country and exercises a very important role in the international business trade. Considering your company’s business looks forward to this attractive market, having a company lawyer who is an experienced Chinese commercial lawyer to bridge the legal system, culture and language differences – it will be indispensible to maximize your benefit and develop your business in China. 

Herewith, our legal services specified for small and medium entrepreneurship which can be affordable to your actual needs. 

1. To investigate the credits of your Chinese counterpart. We verify and audit your Chinese counterpart from the information they have divulge in the online directory of businesses in China. However, as a competitive team we just don’t there as this information sometimes can be falsified. We can verify your Chinese partner’s office physically and check their registry information in the local registry office for business. 

2. To introduce Chinese suppliers or importers which have integrity to provide products with favorable price and good quality. We want to provide honest services to our clients and we protect our integrity so with this, we would only introduce trusted and existing company to our clients. 

3. To assist you registering your office or company in China. Registering a company in China is a little complicated especially for foreigners. But, with your company’s lawyer’s help you won’t have a stressful time in doing so. 

4. To accompany you in visiting China and as lawyer’s identity to issue business letters to your counterparts in China.  

5. To communicate with your domestic company legal counsel in our daily work to in exchanging your orders and arrangements. 

6. To represent your company in negotiating with your Chinese counterpart to conclude the Sale of Contract. Most businessmen don’t realize that the Sale of Contract is very essential in doing business abroad. It protects your rights as an honest businessman. With the Sale of Contract, the risk of being cheated is less. 

7. To proceed to litigation against your Chinese partner in the People’s Court of China just in case your partner violate what is in the Sale of Contract. We might not want fraudulence or any problems in our business deals. However, these things happen and if it does you need excellent lawyers to defend your rights and recover what is rightfully yours. 

As most of businessmen from abroad searched and found their business partners from Alibaba website or from any other websites in the internet. Alibaba is a good tool of course to find suitable business providers or importers. However, Alibaba is just a small platform to exchange business information. The information you get about your Chinese provider is very limited. And, what most businessmen don’t realize is that the company they are dealing with is just a middleman. They don’t even have a good office or a factory. So, this is the difference in having a competitive Chinese lawyer and not. We can provide you the true information of your business counterpart at the same time we can provide other price quotations from other Chinese factories for you to compare prices to maximize your business benefits. 

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