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How to engage a Chinese lawyer?_James Ling

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If you think that it is a great inconvenience for you to come to China or you may consider that it is so expensive for you to come to China but you eagerly need a Chinese Lawyer as an agent to bring an action or have an appearance on your behalf in the china court. Never think twice. First, you just need to have an authorized power of attorney that specifically states that you shall have a Chinese lawyer. Secondly, you must be notarized by notary office from your country and have it authenticated by the Chinese embassy or consulate from your Country or City. Lastly, you shall send mail or continue with any means of communication to our lawyers office for us to have the authority to represent you and file the lawsuit for you, but if you are in China you may by pass these procedures and you may just visit our office for the acknowledgement of your case in details and for consultation. Your confidence in our abilities will directly empower us providing of course the Power of Attorney.

Why you need a china lawyer?


First, china legal system is so complication, totally differentiate with common law system like UK or USA, also alien to the civil law system like France or Germany, only china lawyer could have ability and skill to consult and handle your trouble in china.


Second, according to Chinese law, only china lawyer have power to appearance in the china court on your behalf. You shall engage lawyer of PRC, even Hong Kong lawyer cannot resolve your problem not mention foreigner lawyer. Moreover, only use Chinese language in the court, foreigner like you maybe be best engage a china lawyer represent you for winning the lawsuit. 


What about our qualification and ability?


Most of your troubles are related to economic disputes or contract frauds with Chinese partner ,maybe you feel so hurt so cannot easily believe Chinese citizen even lawyer. It’s understandable that suspect our duty and accreditation. But we tell you, please relaxing, fully trust our qualification and responsibility which governed by jurisdiction organ of state and disciplined by the lawyer’s bar of china .moreover, if you cannot trust our lawyers, how could we safeguard your rights and interests? Whose Chinese citizen deserve you trust and how could you do business in china which is a second largest market in the world in the future? You want giving up this thorning but as same time rosy market because you have been cheated? Tell you, A good lawyer is your good friend in china. 


What about our communication and dialogue?


Our official language is mandarin, don’t like the most European country or Africa or south Asia which thought it majority of people speaking English are so common and reasonable ,overwhelmingly majority of china lawyer cannot understand sophisticated legal English ,not mention about speaking English , between Chinese and English are totally different language lineage, different speaking style. We also feel humble and cannot exaggerate our language ability. When you give us call, you’d better don’t speak so fast especially you come from India, Africa. And use plain English avoiding use over-sophisticated attitude testifying our language ability for decide on whom is your suitable lawyer. After all, we are not language genius or language expert. If our lawyer's writing or speaking exist errors or slips, you’d better should not focus on or fussy about this deservable forgiving. Do not deeply inquire our language ability and skills for handling your case. Truly believe our team lawyers could diligently and skilly, roundly completing your entrusted case. Your confronted troubles don’t have any different with our domestic clients’ except your identity is foreigner. Yes, for and foremost Lawyer must understand client’ aims and requirements and expectations, only if lawyer could get it your means and clear your puzzle is enough , we will use collective wisdoms ,apply flexible worthy methods to recover your damages ,and focus on investigation for winning your lawsuit is the point and your ultimate needed . Right?


How to consult our lawyer?


If you want to consult our lawyer, it would be preferred initially briefing your case by email with relevant materials which be sure comprehensive and describe your troubles, then our could accurately analyze your case and quickly response to give you answer . If we will accept your case, we will directly offering lawyer’ service quote for you consider it. If you thought is reasonable and affordable, and intent to engage us, you may be sure to organize any records or materials you have regarding your case, disclosing all the pertinent facts through email,whether in the end you are our client upon authorizing power of attorney or not, we shall not divulge any information relating your case and personnel status or trade secretes according to lawyer-client code. Because we need estimate your case value and give you advice and decide whether if accept your entrusted case. 


About practicing litigation area


We are qualified representing you in all level of the courts and the arbitration tribunals in all cities of mainland of China.China lawyers haven’t characters of geographic jurisdiction like USA, also haven’t power limitation like UK 


About lawyers’ charging fee


As for lawyer fee which need both consented agreement, two methods you can choose one of it: A, fix plat fee: ten thousand RMB to on hundred thousand RMB or defray it same value US dollar, depended upon your case value.  If you feel risky you can choice B mode that is contingence fee which is lawyer fee according to result, you just need to pay reasonable expenses advance for lawyer handling the case  plus court filing fee, and lawyer’s fee shall be paid when come out fruit which is according to recovered compensation value of percentage of 1 to 30, also depend on claiming number is big or small, more big then percentage rate is more small.


Our firm advantage is one of that charging fee is so reasonable and affordable for massive group of common foreigners who need china lawyer’s services. Our firm located in south china which convenience for you instantly visit our firm because most of you doing business or working in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and most of time we can chat or communication through Wechat or mobile, even though we need face to face for signing documents or delivering original evidences and materials, Chinese traffic networks are so speedy and convenience. Absolutely don’t affect our work mode. 


About our firm


Our firm is a worthy entrusted big famous law firm in china, we are group of experienced middle-age lawyer whom deserve you trust and worth. Engaging idealistic theory seeks for justice is unrealistic also unhelpful for handling your case.Chinahas been experienced two thousand feudal cultures, legalization society cannot expect one night to rebirth. Oversea- studied lawyers maybe charging lawyer fee is so astronomical and result is so frustrating fruitless. We need to use roundly and even slickly creative methods to fulfill your expectation. You maybe know Chinese citizen emphasize harmony, personnel relationship and social connection to resolve confliction. Who is your best suitable lawyer depend on yourself judgments.

At last, we give supplement of another type engagement, If you are outside territory of china, you maybe entrust your representive of company or close friend or relative who living in china now represent you to empower us power of attorney and forward relative documentary, material, evidence, certified ID and so on.


Hope for having a good cooperation and excellent service for you to handling your case. Bless you doing business in china successfully!


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