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When you are employed or do business in china, you are facing legal problem that need to resolve, and you will feel a huge task even harder than your legal problem itself for finding a proper lawyer due to  language barriers. Most of times you are going to seek for your Chinese friends’ suggestion or ask them providing their acquaintance lawyer who will let you assure safety and security. In the end, you shall be in the awkward field on which you spend both money and time but cannot give you exactly wanted expectation, for the reason your close friend maybe command English so good but also cannot relay you legal questions and requirements to your engaged lawyer for lacking of professional language and legal mindset 

when endorsed lawyer is not communicability and legally English proficient. . Yes, if you are belong to wealthy person or boss of big company you do not have this confrontation that you totally can engage golden bilingual lawyers who will charge you astronomical quote also are not a big problem for you. but if you just common foreigner and just do small business or just small trivial legal problem in the bilingual lawyers eyes , Are you having difficulty to find a suitable, affordable and experienced lawyer who also qualified and can focus on your case and comprehensive commitment to deal with your case to communicate with you?


Our international legal affairs Department  are here waiting for you be discovered for providing tailored service, including family and marriage law, commercial debt collection, company set-up, criminal defence, IP protection and so on , even small civil claims. We practice at Furong Law Firm (Guangzhou-Shenzhen) office of Guangdong province, which  have competitive advantage billing fees for handling your case in our south China area including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Changsha, Wuhan, Nanchang and so on .

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