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Letter to one consulting client who is being cheated by his chinese supplier

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Very regretful that your claim may have to disregard it  and look forward to your future business development because it is futile to contact them by my efforts too.
I almost can affirm that you have encountered discredited business partner although I can not directly call them as scammer.
registered in Hong Kong by small capital, and renting a small house in mainland China to do international trade business, which will easily escape penalty if they act dishonesty, even scam behavior, because Hong Kong and mainland China are belong to different jurisdiction likes two countries. If trouble things occurred , very hard to seeking easy way to claim. Some individuals by through the flexible and favorite financial and taxation policy to register a paper company in Hong Kong and do trade business in mainland , which have big risks for their business partners once they have received money of comparable big deal if they are willing to intentionally cheating instead of continually develop their business. No answer, no reply, like evaporated water after the order have being paid, as lawyer, also unable to have them seriously consider their behavior, because they know that will be very costly to initiate  any lawsuit against them, and especially under the circumstances we do not know the Chinese name of legal person and company by your provided informations.
Hope you will not be hit and lost confidence for continuing to do business with Chinese partner, most of them keeping good fame and integrity to develop win-win situation. Just prior due diligence to your candidates is needed by our lawyer to check their background and creditworthiness. Many factories for making jewelry have their international department directly supply their goods for export, which you can pick and negotiate with them on the platform of Alibaba for the price quotation, once you have a good candidate, I may be trust to proceed the credibility investigation which just a several hundred dollars by my service to give you pertinent report whether or not exist risk and signing bilingual sales contract with them to avoid potential risk .
Hope you will not be hit by my bad news delivery .

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