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Patents dispute with a chinese company

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I am in new company (Shenzhen) from November. Before I was in previous one located in Ningbo. About 2-3 years ago I receive request how solved one chemical reaction in branch located in Anhui province. I was present there few months. I find idea, arrange sample catalyst and chemist there did serial experiments.

After I return back to Ningbo, write patent draft and send to them for procedure. As whole procedure runs in Chinese, I not push in, but now find, patent was issued, divided into 3 parts, but they forgot me between inventors at all even all was my idea.


Is a little problem with evidence of idea origin. I haven’t written document in which I giving them idea, have only material from study of it. After I leave this company, many documents was lost by PC cleaning (by company). And people there high probably never will told true as they working there.


I know patent in China is company property done as working request. This is not what I want complain. But author of patent and first position there as main inventor has very big value in scientific community and my citation index level. From that point they stalled my idea and my position in scientific community what I valuate a lot and feel very bad for it.


My idea if is possible, company apply correction in China Patent Office (what is probably problem and even change will not pass to citation index as document is already in) and give financial compensation for that, not idea how much, in Europe it will be very big money, but there this kind behavior is not possible.


What do you think about chance please?

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