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Foreign National English teacher Employment Law in China

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I've been advised to find a lawyer. I'm an English language teacher in Changde completing my final weeks of a one year contract. After arguing with my Boss she has declared she will not sign my release papers. There is no valid reason and she has obstructed my attempts to go to a better school, by lying to them stating I have missed classes. i can prove a superb attendance, having photocopied my attendance sheets.

Additionally, i have had trouble sending money to my wife, as she has consistently refused to issue papers for an application to SAFEA , so I must use Chinese citizens, and payments have sometimes been late as much as two weeks. I am not contributing to any pension either.

I shall be grateful for your opinion and cost charges to deal with this person. The release papers are the most important, I just want to move on with my life and , forget this place.

I think initially just a letter to make her sign the papers, then go from there if she is more determined?

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