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A legal question about child custody of the foreigners couple in China

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I found information about your legal practice in China on HG legal resources, so I decided to contact you and see if you would be interested to give me a legal consultation, as I saw the area of law related to divorce and child custody that I am interested in among the areas of expertise listed on your website.
I am involved into a dispute over a child custody with my husband whom I am currently divorcing, court decision pending. We both are nationals of different countries, non of us a Chinese citizen, but we've been in China for several years due to business. We have a child from this marriage who is currently living with me, and we have a dispute over the custody and relocations of the child that we can not solve by far. 
Please lindly let mke know if you can give me a legal advice and what conditions apply for that. I will let you know all the further details once you confirm to whether or not you can work with me. 
Thank you in advance and looking forward to hearing from you.

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