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Urgent banning the exportation of around 23 products to Egypt/ new laws

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As a start of our business relationship, please find herein under a brief regarding very important notes with respect to exporting products by foreign factories to Egypt:

The Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry has issued a Decree No. 43 for the year 2016 allowing the foreign factories exporting their fully manufactured products or the companies own the trademarks to register themselves in a specific registry established for such purposes this to able to export their products to Egypt.

The above mentioned decree has been issued in light of reducing the importation of low quality products to Egypt which may negatively affect the health of consumers as well as protecting the trademarks owners from counterfeiting their products.

The decree also stated that the products listed in the above mentioned decree that will be exported to Egypt shall not be released except after the factories manufacturing thereof  are registered in accordance with this decree.

It is also worth mentioning that the above mentioned Decree shall be affected by March 16, 2016. Accordingly, starting from said date no shipment will be released in violation of the above mentioned decree.

Based on the above, if you have any clients who are exporting their products to Egypt, please notify them and we will be more than happy to assist them in getting registered ASAP.

For further information regarding the decree, the implementation thereof , banned products, please feel free to contact us.

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Email:     Copyright  reserved by James Ling