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Shaimaa Solaiman_ Partner Lawyer of Challenge Law Firm From Cairo -Egyptm

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Graduated in 1999
LLM Degree in 2001
Admitted to Egyptian Bar in 2001
Worked as an International Attorney in a multinational Law Firm for around 10 years. 
I was advising on the following fields:
- Antitrust and competition laws 
- IP laws
- Agriculture laws (importing seeds) 
- Immigration Laws
- Injuries cases 
- Environmental laws.
- Drafting an reviewing legal contracts i.e. agency contracts, distribution contracts, manufacturing contracts, trademark license agreements, supply contracts, employment contracts, transfer of technology contracts.....etc 
- Conducting due diligence
- Corporate laws (establishing legal entities, preparing articles of association , preparing and drafting BOD minutes and OGM and EOGM minutes. 
- Labor laws (drafting and reviewing employment contracts, advising on redundancy of employees, investigations with employees, terminating employment contracts, distribution of service charge and preparing and drafting settlement agreements. 
- Establishing NGOs (advising on the procedures required to establish NGOs and how to receive funds from abroad

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