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Shengjun Xie (Partner Attorney In Our Changsha Office

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Graduated from the West China medical university in 1993 by holding bachelor's degree as medical practitioner to working in a hospital, In May 2006, began to practice law after admitting to China National  Bar

Good at professional field:

Corporate governance ,legal services related to corporate law , legal services related to medical treatment activity involved malpractice, company mergers and restructuring and other legal services.

Working experience:

He has been engaged in pharmaceutical marketing work from 1996 to 1996, therefore has many years of business experience, since 2006 he devoted into research company law, security law, contract law, the civil and commercial law. he is an expert of lawyer, At the same time, he has rich experience in litigation, mainly involved in corporate law, security law, contract law, company merger and acquisition . The lawyer is also good at dealing with the legal adviser, engaged as company counsel for several enterprises. For his clients concerned to prevent and avoid risk, he can flexibly by exerting laws in combination with the practical situation of Chinese specific environment to delivery of  practical and effective solution . In the process of handling every case, Mr. Xie shall investigate the case seriously, collect evidence carefully, astutely to insight the case by piercing superficial falsified information    


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