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Chinese lawyer providing legal guidance and service for small and medium-sized enterprise of china to invest in Southeast Asia

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With the growth of Chinese private enterprises, for the strengthening of foreign trade, it is a obviously trend that more and more small and medium-sized enterprises decide  to go abroad seeking for more business opportunities , especially to Southeast Asia to Invest . Yes, with the development ofChina's economy, increasing labor costs, so that many small and medium-sized enterprises have the intention to transfer the labor-intensive manufacturing to Southeast Asia. But at the same time facing the confusion and difficulty and the risks are very high. Obviously, you need a local lawyer to provide legal services for you, but the language barrier and the unfamiliar with the lawyer who is expertise in the investment field, often make you feel of daunting on how to engage a lawyer. As small and medium-sized enterprises, it will be almost impossible to engage a lawyer who is very familiar with the legal environment for the local investment as well as good at Chinese to provide service for you. You may choose to rely on an acquaintance or a trusted translator guiding you to engage a lawyer who can help you setup a company and provide legal service for you as a retainer in the future, the results are often not obtain the expectations of  what you need .

Our lawyers with Southeast Asian countries lawyer has a long-term exchanges and mutual trust relationship, there is a consent understanded  identity in a certain degree of working mode, the familiar with the language and the law, together for your investment in Southeast Asia to provide the following services:

 First, you may contact our Chinese lawyer; inform us of your intention to invest favorable country, investment direction and fields. Then Our Chinese lawyer for most and first time to contact and communicate with local attorney who is good at your investment.

 when reached an retaining agreement with the local attorney , the hired attorney shall assist you set up company in that country and provide legal service for you afterwards .  Our Chinese lawyers shall be responsible for regular exchanges idea with foreign lawyer when there are differences and misunderstanding between you both, and to communicate with you engaged local lawyer for you more understandable and knowledgeable about his advice and local commercial laws.

Statement: Our Chinese lawyer’s role is to coordinate and cooperate with your retained counsel in the aimed country for foreign investment legal service, and is not a substitute function for translation. The daily work of communication with your local counsel will be shouldered on interpreter of your company, we Chinese lawyers just resolve key issue for improving foreign lawyers on legal services for communication and review. Our recommended local lawyers are not characterized as so called golden lawyer with charging inimitable service fee, but definitely would be experienced, affordable, high credibility on the businesses and investment legal service.


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Email:     Copyright  reserved by James Ling