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Jianghong Yu ( Partner Attorney In Our Changsha Office)

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Lawyer JiangHong Yu   : was studying in Hunan University of Science and Technology in 1987-1991,   bachelor's degree after graduation; passed the national judicial exam in 2002, from 2005 to 2008 studying in Xiangtan University, awarded master of economics after graduation. Partner lawyer at Beijing YingKe(Changsha)  law firm ,  Certified Bar Number: 14301200420653378 

 Practiced experience years  : 10 years 

Since practicing law, focus on the contract law, company law, bankruptcy law, mainly related to corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, equity disputes, bankruptcy and liquidation, and other fields, his master major is economics, focuses on the institutional economics. He was a famous college teacher prior to practice law, an expertise in the law and economics fields. Good at reviewing the contract and directing business negotiation, and dealing with media very skillfully. At the same time, with rich experience in litigation, able to wisely apply laws and social knowledge to help the parties to protect the interests of their own.

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