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James Ling (Partner lawyer of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Office)

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20150521165110977.jpgGraduated from the famous Law School of a Chinese University -Xiangtan Law School

*Passed the Chinese Bar Examination for law in 2004.

* Decades of work experience with now in the prime time for practice - middle age man

  • International Trade Affairs - International Trade Affairs include: money collections, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Arbitration and Litigation. 

  • International Investment Affairs - International Investment Affairs include: Investigation Consultation, Due Diligence, Negotiation Representation, Contract Drafting, Merger and Acquisition and Company set up consultation.

  •  International Marriage and Family Affairs - International Marriage and Family Affairs include: Marriage and Family Law Consultation, Heritage, Document Drafting, Lawyer Certification and Court Representation.

  • International Legal Consulting - International Legal Consulting Includes: Long-term or Short-term Legal Consultation and Special Item Consultation. 

  • Criminal Suspect Defending - Criminal Suspect Defending includes: Defend the Criminal suspect .

  •  Other Services

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