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present position: - Nonlitigation - Due Diligence

                     Due diligence service from a China lawyer


As a wise businessman, you definitely don't want lose huge Chinese market, at the same time you are appalled and hesitant to encounter totally different culture, languages and legal systems. When you need a business tour to China, visiting your business partner to consummate your business deal, would you only trust an interpreter or your domestic counsel? Affirming that in no doubt you want to have a Chinese lawyer from a prestigious law firm, whom can be like your chaperone to accompany you safeguarding and maximizing your benefits.

  *To verify the identity and background information of your counterpart

  *To supplement and supervise interpreter's transferred meaning

  *To negotiate and sign the sale of contract to prevent business risk trapped by your counterpart.

 Atty. James Ling


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Email:     Copyright  reserved by James Ling
Email:     Copyright  reserved by James Ling