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China lawyer, James Ling with his team members  


Chinese attorney James Ling is a tenured lawyer from China practicing for Beijing Yingke Law Firm, Changsha office. Beijing Yingke Law Firm is a famous and an international law firm in China. It is also one of the biggest law firms in the country with highly sophisticated lawyers. Attorney Ling is a bilingual lawyer with high professional standards to deliver positive and effective results to his clients from all over the world. With more than ten years of dealing with cases involving foreigners having concerns in China, Chinese lawyer Ling has become an expert in the Business and International Trade Affairs in which includes non-litigation business services such as Introduction of credible Business Partner/Supplier if the client doesn’t have one yet, Credit Investigation, Company Representation in negotiating and Concluding business Contract, and Company Representation in the Litigation procedure just in case the client has a legal conflict against his business counterpart.

Furthermore, he cooperates with sophisticated legal experts from his colleagues as a very insurmountable team to practice laws in International Marriage Affairs, International Investment Affairs, Intellectual Property Rights Affairs, Legal Consultant and Criminal Suspect Defending.

China lawyer James Ling’s basic profile

*Graduated from the famous Law School of a Chinese University -Xiangtan Law School

*Passed the Chinese Bar Examination for law in 2004.

* Decades of work experience with now in the prime time for practice - middle age man

James Ling as a professional attorney at law, he has good strategies and skills to maximize the rights and benefits of foreign clients in China by roundly practicing law. His every client would be received personal attention with his diligent, loyal work performance and positive outcomes under the comprehensive communication.


* About our Juristic geography:

Attorney James Ling was passed national bar Examination and admitted China bar association in 2004, entitled to handle civil or criminal case at the different hierarchy of courts and arbitration tribunals of the different cities and provinces of PRC not including Hong Kong, Macoa,Taiwan in which belong to special jurisdiction. If you have fairs occurred in the territory  of Hongkong,Macoa orTaiwan, you should consult lawyers from the respective areas .

* About our work language:

 It is impossible that one lawyer can handle all of different cases and legal requirements. We are a group of astute lawyers exercising in different legal fields from the famous law firm, Attorney James Ling can use English as work language, and the rest of team members only can humbly use English. Our official work language is Chinese, no matter your case involving foreign elements, therefore, in your retained lawyers, just James Ling replying your legal questions and communicating with you routinely for the language barrier, lawyer Ling would be like to choose very competitive lawyer as his associate from his colleagues to handle your case. Considering holding good credibility of our firm, most of time, James Ling won't arbitrarily represent your case as solo practice to ignorant of client's risk unless your case is under of his specialized fields.

*About our office location

Our office locates in Changsha city, capital of Hunan province where is hometown of Chairman Mao who was the glorious history figure to lead New Democratic Revolution and found the People's Republic of China ultimately. You can imagine how aggressive, arduous of lawyers from Chairman Mao's Hometown. Although China is so vast, the cheap, convenient transportation networks of high speedy train have us meeting, travelling quickly and timely. We focus on the territory of southern china cites like Changsha, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Nanning, Nanchang and beyond if you are willing pay our transportation fee which is a small sum considered with our advantage, that is our lawyer service fees are very competitive vs. lawyer's from the seaside developed area, furthermore, James Ling will cater your engagement with high level of individualized attention by taking time to fully understand your situation and needs. Under the circumstance of different cultures, languages, and booming economy inChina, the work schedules of bilingual elites from seaside cities are overloaded already. Who is your suitable and affordable lawyer you should carefully weigh and sift to make wise choice.

*About our vision

China owns vast territory and huge population with amazing economic performance. She is a destinately shining star on the globe stage. As foreign lawyers, you must be attracted by potential clients from the bourgeois wealthy Chinese citizens, especially if you are the legal expert practice law for immigration, investment, real estate, but the reality is the discrepancy of cultures and languages which prevent your development and promotion for catering Chinese clients. Chinese lawyer James Ling therefore devise Chinese version of this website on which as a platform to specialized for attracting domestic viewers to seek their needed foreign lawyers. Lawyer James Ling hereby humblely proposes legal expertises from different countries to join our website as foreign associate partners to mutually advance and promote our legal business. Each country we can only accept two lawyers as our friendship members except America for in which different states have different legal systems. If you are foreign lawyer wanted to be recognized by Chinese potential clients, please email to Mr.Ling,It's definitely not a whimsical naive ideas. Let us pilot the pioneering entrepreneurship to create golden bridge to share legal thoughts as same time to dig legal business market of our mutual countries by cooperation and coordination.

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